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Dan Tapia
Dan Hegelund is a top grade professional in every way. There are few people that are more passionate and committed to their purpose. 
Dan goes above and beyond for people to ensure their success in life. He is incredibly gifted, patient, and successful in teaching, training, and encouraging people in their talents. 
I can't recommend anyone more than Dan Hegelund. He is extremely polished and professional.
Henrik Rongedal
Vocal Artist
Dan Hegelund has impressed me greatly with his knowledge, his pedagogic skill as a choir director, with his voice, his commitment, and his love of music. He is always full of energy and a contagious joy, without ever loosing an eagle's perspective. Besides his incredible, specialized skill in gospel music, both as a soloist and as a choir director, Dan has demonstrated breadth, curiosity, and flexibility. It is my pleasure to recommend Dan Hegelund as a motivated and engaged music professional.
Jnr Robinson
Vocal Artist
My first experience of working with Dan Hegelund was in Poland when he came to be a part of a workshop in Gdansk. From that first time of working with him to this present day, I have come to recognize a determined man that has not just a talent for music but a passion for people and the desire to see them work together as a unit. He has had successes with every choir he has worked with and, most importantly, put together. What has impressed me about him is that he has always put people first.